To Be Blunt
To Be Blunt
161 Building an Effects Based Approach to Cannabis with Josh Mallett of BudBoard

161 Building an Effects Based Approach to Cannabis with Josh Mallett of BudBoard

"We were able to successfully train a system that could predict reasonably the outcomes that you might expect to feel from an arbitrary profile. And today we utilize that to do recommendation in store." - Joshua Mallett

Ever wondered about the DNA testing or the power of terpenes in shaping your experience?

In this episode, Joshua Mallet of BudBoard takes us behind the scenes of Albuquerque's trailblazing cannabis menu service. Understand their AI-driven recommendation system to personalize your cannabis experience. From New Mexico's cannabis market and how they had to navigate around marketing regulations while still being able to talk about the effects to understanding terpenes, this episode is packed with insights. Discover how mood plays a role in picking the right strain and how DNA tests, raw data from C O A's, and terpenes have an impact on the effect of products.

Tune in to hear more about what it takes to produce tailored cannabis!

[00:00 - 07:38] Trailblazing the Path to Professionalizing Cannabis

[07:38 - 15:10] How BudBoard Evolved to Accommodate New Consumers and Effects-Based Marketing

[15:11 - 22:13] Navigating the Regulatory Landscape

[22:14 - 29:29] The Power of Machine Learning to Create Custom Cannabis Products Based on User Data and DNA Tests

[29:29 - 37:24] Discovering Trends in Sleep, Anxiety, and Pain Relief

[37:25 - 44:35] A Model for Consistent Cannabis Experiences Across State Lines

[44:35 - 52:32] The Science Behind Cannabis Derived Terpenes and Botanical Terpenes: Are They the Same Thing?

[52:32 - 58:54] Distillate vs. Extract & Budboard's Personalized Vision

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As the Chief Innovation Officer and a co-founder of BudBoard, Joshua Mallett is an integral part of a passionate quartet leading a revolutionary change in the cannabis industry. Following a sports injury in high school that led him to explore the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, Mallett grew fascinated with understanding the complex interplay between cannabis compounds and their varied effects. His obsession, combined with over a decade of entrepreneurial and technical problem-solving experience, drove him to co-develop an innovative data collection and machine learning platform at budboard. This tool draws correlations between the chemical makeup of cannabis products, their effects, and market appeal. Today, budboard is recognized for its distinctive expertise in the industry.

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To Be Blunt
To Be Blunt
An honest conversation about taking cannabis packaged goods to market with Shayda Torabi, business owner (@restartcbd), advocate (@texashempcoalition), and thought leader (@theshaydatorabi).