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164 International Cannabis Exportation from Columbia with Andrés Fajardo of Clever Leaves

164 International Cannabis Exportation from Columbia with Andrés Fajardo of Clever Leaves

“We produce cannabis where it should be produced and we sell cannabis where it should be sold – That's our thesis. That's what we've been fighting for. That’s our strategic pathway.” – Andrés Fajardo

In my chat with Andrés Fajardo of Clever Leaves, we discuss how this Colombian-based company excels in the international cannabis market. Clever Leaves focuses on producing high-quality pharmaceutical-grade cannabis, backed by EU GMP-certified sites. Their global expansion journey involves navigating complex regulations and adapting to diverse markets, including Germany, Australia, Brazil, and Israel, where they prioritize medical cannabis products tailored to meet specific regulations and patient needs.

Clever Leaves actively shapes regulations in Colombia and fosters strong relationships with international regulators. They also collaborate with industry associations to influence policies. Their commitment to quality and compliance has been key to their success in the global cannabis landscape.

[00:00 - 20:47] Understanding the Legal Landscape: Cannabis in Colombia, EU Regulations, and Global Trade

[20:48 - 29:44] How Clever Leaves Adapts Cannabis Products for Global Markets with Diverse Regulations 

[29:45 - 39:14] Managing Compliance Across the Globe 

[39:15 - 45:35] Colombia’s Cannabis Legalization and Medical Use

[45:36 - 53:55] Challenges and Opportunities in Regulatory Compliance

Andres Fajardo is co-founder and CEO of Clever Leaves and has previously served as Managing Director, President, and Chairman of the Board. He has led the development of its first 18 Hectares of GACP and EU-GMP certified cultivation and post-harvest facilities, the design and construction of a GMP certified extraction and formulation plant, and the development of a robust pipeline of clients and brands. Andres oversees the development, expansion, and marketing plans globally.

Prior to Clever Leaves, Mr. Fajardo was a Founding Partner of Mojo Ventures, a unique late-stage company builder focused on working with startups and small companies to achieve unprecedented growth and profitability. Before being an entrepreneur, he was President/CEO at IQ Outsourcing, a leading Colombian business process outsourcing firm that is part of the Sanford Group of Companies.

Prior to joining IQ, Andres was a Principal Member at Booz & Company, a management consulting firm, based in Mexico City. Sponsored by Booz Allen, he obtained an MBA at Harvard Business School. He earned a B.S. Industrial Engineering and B.S. Economics, with honors, from Los Andes University in Colombia.

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To Be Blunt
To Be Blunt
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