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166 Going Direct to Consumer with Peter Barsoom of 1906 New Highs

166 Going Direct to Consumer with Peter Barsoom of 1906 New Highs

 "Our mission is to bring cannabis back to its pre-prohibition status, where it's a widely accepted plant medicine." –  Peter Barsoom  

What does it take to be a pioneering brand in the rapidly changing cannabis industry?

In this episode, I chat with Peter Barsoom, co-founder of 1906 New Highs. Tracing 1906’s origin story and unique path through the emerging cannabis industry, Peter shares an inside look at the vision, values, and strategic choices that have set his company apart. From a commitment to quality and consumer education to leveraging the latest legislation, Peter shares the story behind 1906 New Highs’ creation, their goal of providing more tailored cannabis experiences, and the thoughtful formulation that goes into their products that blend THC and CBD with other botanicals. We also discuss critical choices that 1906 has made along the way, like shifting to pills and achieving national distribution, illustrating how brands can adapt and take advantage of opportunities amid regulatory changes. 

[00:00 - 13:34]  Peter Barsoom on the Evolution of 1906 and the Rise of Microdosing

[13:35 - 25:07] How Peter's Vision Shaped a New Era of Cannabis Consumption

[25:08 - 32:49] Cannabis Market Expansion and Drops vs. Capsules: The Manufacturing Complexity Behind Cannabis Products 

[32:50 - 39:13] 1906's Nationwide Home Delivery of 100% Federally Legal Microdose Cannabis

[39:14 - 52:25] The Evolving Landscape of Hemp and Cannabis: Legislation and Consumer Access

Peter Barsoom is the CEO and Co-Founder of 1906 New Highs, a leading cannabis company producing the country’s #1 cannabis pill. The company’s collection of patented, fast-acting, pharma-grade capsules combines a low dose of THC, CBD, and other effective medicinal plants to deliver a functional, targeted effect for daily use. Prior to founding 1906 in 2015, Peter had an extensive career in finance and business strategy, holding senior management positions at American Express, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Blue Mountain Capital, and Intercontinental Exchange. 

Peter currently serves on the board of several leading cannabis industry associations, including the Marijuana Industry Group, the Cannabis Trade Federation, Colorado Leads, the New Jersey Cannabis Industry Association, and the Florida Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee. In September 2018, Peter was recognized by Entrepreneur magazine as one of the Top 100 Leaders in Cannabis. 



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To Be Blunt
To Be Blunt
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