To Be Blunt
To Be Blunt
167 Marketing "Mamma Needs A Minute" with Kim Flores of The Hemp Housewife

167 Marketing "Mamma Needs A Minute" with Kim Flores of The Hemp Housewife

"I didn't respect the plant, and when I finally learned to respect it and appreciate it, I was then able to find love and appreciation in myself to feel better and become a better version of me." - Kim Flores

Everyone needs a minute, even if you're one of the top cannabis influencers. In this episode, Kim Flore shares how she started making treats for herself and her neighbors to founding The Hemp Housewife. She discusses the differences between marketing and advertising alcohol and cannabis, the need for regulation when it comes to cannabis, navigating social media platforms while trying to market it, and the importance of building relationships with customers. This conversation also touches on the effects of alcohol and how cannabis can be a better alternative, as well as the challenges content creators face when trying to build an audience. With inspiring stories and valuable insights, this podcast episode will surely provide listeners with an invaluable look into the cannabis world - so tune in now!

[00:00 - 15:27] How Cannabis Helped Kim Find Love and Appreciation in Herself

[15:28 - 26:19] Alcohol and Cannabis: Experiences, Perspectives, and Tips

[26:20 - 35:16] Tips and Tricks to Avoid Flagging and Demonization on Social Media

[35:17 - 39:17] Texas Cannabis Meetup at MJBizCon

[39:17 - 47:07] Exploring the Possibilities of Canada's Beverage Industry and Texas Cannabis

Guest bio

Hey Y'all! My name is Kim; however, I'm known by many as the Hemp Housewife, and you might recognize me from my catchy tagline, 'Mamma Needs a Minute,' which has evolved into a cannabis brand tailored explicitly to uplift and empower women.

With a community of over 75,000 'Canna-besties' following my journey on social media, I aim to be more than just an influencer in the cannabis sphere. My features on Yahoo Finance in the past year for outstanding brand partnerships are testaments to that. 

My role, however, isn't limited to partnerships and collaborations. As a cannabis marketing expert, I've poured my heart into creating iconic content for top-tier cannabis brands and events. My driving force? Breaking down the barriers and negative perceptions that surround women who find solace and wellness in cannabis.



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To Be Blunt
To Be Blunt
An honest conversation about taking cannabis packaged goods to market with Shayda Torabi, business owner (@restartcbd), advocate (@texashempcoalition), and thought leader (@theshaydatorabi).