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162 What Is Going On With the Texas Compassionate Use Program? with Pat Davis of Weeds

162 What Is Going On With the Texas Compassionate Use Program? with Pat Davis of Weeds

"I think Texas has one of the most accountable medical programs in the country. Meaning we can tell you who prescribed that prescription, what their pain program was, who bought it, what day it was bought, and who provided it." - Pat Davis

Tune in with Pat Davis from Weeds as he talks about the rigorous data analysis shaping the future of Texas' notable medical cannabis program! Explore Texas' moves to broaden policies and the insights gleaned from New Mexico's experiences. Learn about the challenges, the expanding conditions, and the open call for more licenses. Kurt urges listeners to voice their perspectives and interact with decision-makers on cannabis legislation in Texas.

Are we near a revolution in Texas' medical cannabis policies? Tune in!

[00:00 - 07:25] Texas Expands Compassionate Use Program to Elevate Medical Cannabis Accessibility

[07:25 - 13:58] Examining Data to Create a Comprehensive Medical Cannabis Program in Texas

[13:58 - 21:05] A Look at How Policy is Changing and Police Officers Adapting

[21:05 - 27:55] Advocacy, Expansion, and Education in Texas and New Mexico

[27:55 - 34:41] Exploring the Possibilities and Understanding the Data of Texas Compassionate Use Program

[34:41 - 41:28] Texas Cannabis Industry: Balancing Existing Operators with New Small Businesses

[41:28 - 48:23] Texas Medical Cannabis Program: Achieving Accountability and Access for Patients

[48:24 - 54:20] Texas’ Comprehensive Approach to Medical Cannabis - Tracking, Transparency, and Future Licensing Decisions

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Pat Davis is a former police officer and now a cannabis consultant. He was appointed by Governor Lujan Grisham to lead the New Mexico Governor's Working Group on legalization, where he helped to draft the state's roadmap for transitioning from a medical to an adult-use market. After legalization, he co-founded Weeds, the state's largest licensing and compliance firm, where they have helped some of the state's largest brands and new startups license facilities and stay compliant. In 2023, their firm was selected by the State of Texas to provide technical assistance in evaluating the state's medical program for potential expansion.

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To Be Blunt
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