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157 The Terp Guide's Guide to Solventless Extractions with Cliff Haney of Lowtemp Industries

157 The Terp Guide's Guide to Solventless Extractions with Cliff Haney of Lowtemp Industries

"At the end of the day, I don't care what anybody tells you. Is a better experience, whether that dabbles concentrate, whether that's an edible tincture, you are capturing the true essence of the plant with this extraction. We're not adding anything; we're not taking anything away." - Cliff Haney

Explore the Art of Solventless Extraction with Shayda Torabi and her guest Cliff Haney! Learn about the four pillars of this craft: heat, water, ice, and pressure, and understand why top cannabis brands are flocking to this method and how it results in products brimming with aromatic terpenes and unparalleled shelf stability. Cliff peels back the nuances of ice water extraction and the crucial roles of strain genetics, yields, and trichomes. Plus, get an insider's look into the TURP guide, the bridge between brands and discerning consumers. Ignite your curiosity about solventless with us!

[00:00 - 08:10] Dive into Product Analysis and the Evolving Regulatory Landscape

[08:10 - 15:48] Evolution of Cannabis Extraction: From Distillate to Solventless and Full Spectrum

[15:49 - 23:22] Uncovering the Benefits of Solventless Extraction

[23:23 - 31:30] Exploring the Advantages of Washing vs. Pressing

[31:31 - 39:13] Nuances of Premium Cannabis Products in Evolving Markets

[39:13 - 46:52] The Effects of Refrigerating Cannabis Concentrates

[46:53 - 54:50] Cannabis Trends and Techniques

[54:50 - 59:21] Cannabis Expansion and Ethical Integration from Europe to the US

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Cliff Haney is the Co-founder of TerpGuide. He has spent the last five years setting up some of the world's most extensive solventless extraction facilities. He's had the unique opportunity to sample top-notch terps at hash competitions throughout the US. Outside of work, Cliff takes pleasure in snowboarding, piloting his drone, crafting content, and indulging in thrifting

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To Be Blunt
To Be Blunt
An honest conversation about taking cannabis packaged goods to market with Shayda Torabi, business owner (@restartcbd), advocate (@texashempcoalition), and thought leader (@theshaydatorabi).