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156 Cannabis Beverage Trends with Diana Eberlein of SōRSE

156 Cannabis Beverage Trends with Diana Eberlein of SōRSE

"I don't want us to have beverages go stagnant with beverages that are moving because they're high dose and cheap on the West Coast. Let's come up with some more functional beverages, whether they're high dose or low dose, and let's incorporate other pieces of the plant. I think that's a key differentiator." - Diana Eberlein

Dive into cannabis beverages exploring low-dose THC, the hemp vs. marijuana showdown, crafty cannabis concoctions, and more!

In today's episode, host Shayda Torabi celebrates the fifth anniversary of its Restart CBC brand, while expert Diana Eberlein, from Source Technology and Cannabis Beverage Association members, sheds light on industry shifts, tastes, laws, and making cannabis accessible. They also discuss self-regulation and the National Drink Cannabis Day on August 20th, an initiative by the Cannabis Media Council.

Tune in to grasp the transformative potential of cannabis beverage and their impact on the industry!

[00:00 - 08:13] Celebrating 5 Years of Cannabis Business

[08:13 - 15:24] Introducing Diana Eberlein: Exploring Cannabis Beverages, Emulsion Technology, and the Future of CPG

[15:24 - 22:07] Exploring the Split in Cannabis Beverage Flavor Profiles: Low-Dose vs High-Dose

[22:07 - 29:20] Exploring Cannabis Trends: Dosages, Formats, and Market Demand

[29:20 - 36:21] A Look at the Future of Hemp Derived and Marijuana Derived Products

[36:22 - 43:08] Exploring the Social and Economic Impacts of Low Dose Products

[43:09 - 49:52] Exploring the Opportunities and Challenges of Cannabis-Derived and Hemp-Derived THC Beverages

[49:52 - 56:35] Celebrate National Drink Cannabis Day and Learn How to Enjoy Cannabis Beverages Safely

[56:35 - 1:00:24] Closing Segment

Diana Eberlein currently leads Marketing & Business Development at SōRSE Technology, a leading water-soluble technology for infusing cannabis beverages, food, supplements, and personal care products. Leveraging her 10+ years’ experience in entertainment marketing specializing in brand development, experiential marketing, and celebrity partnerships, Eberlein develops the strategy behind all events, PR, and advertising.

SōRSE currently powers the leading THC, Hemp D9, and CBD-infused beverages, including Cann, Mad Tasty, Leisuretown, Rebel Rabbit, and more.

As a cannabis advocate and an infused beverage enthusiast, Eberlein became the chair of the Cannabis Beverage Association at the beginning of 2023, which focuses on beverage category awareness, government and regulatory affairs, and representing infused beverages across the US. Eberlein is also a member of the Cannabis Marketing Association and the Forbes Agency Council.

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To Be Blunt
To Be Blunt
An honest conversation about taking cannabis packaged goods to market with Shayda Torabi, business owner (@restartcbd), advocate (@texashempcoalition), and thought leader (@theshaydatorabi).