To Be Blunt
To Be Blunt
154 How AI Can Help Drive Cannabis Consumer Shopping Conversions with Eric Mercado of Terpli

154 How AI Can Help Drive Cannabis Consumer Shopping Conversions with Eric Mercado of Terpli

"Data is the new oil data is the new goal. So what we have in our database is a direct tie between COA and user outcome on a person-by-person basis. That's a highly valuable data set." - Eric Mercado

Are you ready to tune in for a glimpse into the future of personalized cannabis shopping?

In this episode of To Be Blunt, join Eric Mercado, the Co-Founder of Terpli, as he unveils their groundbreaking AI budtender. Discover the advantages of e-commerce in the cannabis industry, strategies for customer loyalty, and the upcoming beta launch of their chat GPT-powered cannabis recommendation engine. 

Discover the future of customer loyalty and data-driven brand differentiation in this captivating conversation!

[00:00 - 07:30] Eric Mercado's Journey to Trailblazing the Path for Cannabis Marketing

[07:30 - 15:10] Revolutionizing Cannabis Consumption: Personalized Recommendations, Online Dominance, and the Tech-Savvy Generation

[15:11 - 22:16] Navigating the Challenges and Solutions in Consumer Experience

[22:16 - 29:23] Terpli’s Plug and Play Solution for Increased Conversion and Customer Loyalty

[29:23 - 37:12] Revolutionizing Cannabis Retail with Adaptive AI and Machine Learning for Enhanced Customer Experience and Loyalty

[37:13 - 44:30] How to Leverage Data for Better Recommendations

[44:30 - 51:36] Leveraging Reviews to Create a Chat GPT-Fueled Cannabis Recommendation Engine

[51:36 - 01:03:33] Terpli’s Tech-Driven Solutions for Live Inventory, Brand Differentiation, and Sponsorship Opportunities

Eric Mercado is the Co-Founder of Terpli and a catalyst for growth, innovation, and problem-solving. His passion lies in constant improvement for teams, clients, colleagues, and himself. A high-performing founder, business advisor, Big 4 assurance manager, and CPA, he has a demonstrated history of exemplary work ethic, quality, and teaming. As an SMU alumnus with an MS in Accounting, he exhibits an entrepreneurial spirit as well as a keen eye for risk assessment and process improvement. He has experience in everything from Startup to IPO - including FP&A, systems setup and management, Sales, Talent Acquisition and HR, Business Development, M&A and transactions due diligence, financial statement audits, and PCAOB inspection.

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To Be Blunt
To Be Blunt
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