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154 How AI Can Help Drive Cannabis Consumer Shopping Conversions with Eric Mercado of Terpli

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"Data is the new oil data is the new goal. So what we have in our database is a direct tie between COA and user outcome on a person-by-person basis. That's a highly valuable data set." - Eric Mercado

Are you ready to tune in for a glimpse into the future of personalized cannabis shopping?

In this episode of To Be Blunt, join Eric Mercado, the Co-Founder of Terpli, as he unveils their groundbreaking AI budtender. Discover the advantages of e-commerce in the cannabis industry, strategies for customer loyalty, and the upcoming beta launch of their chat GPT-powered cannabis recommendation engine. 

Discover the future of customer loyalty and data-driven brand differentiation in this captivating conversation!

[00:00 - 07:30] Eric Mercado's Journey to Trailblazing the Path for Cannabis Marketing

[07:30 - 15:10] Revolutionizing Cannabis Consumption: Personalized Recommendations, Online Dominance, and the Tech-Savvy Generation

[15:11 - 22:16] Navigating the Challenges and Solutions in Consumer Experience

[22:16 - 29:23] Terpli’s Plug and Play Solution for Increased Conversion and Customer Loyalty

[29:23 - 37:12] Revolutionizing Cannabis Retail with Adaptive AI and Machine Learning for Enhanced Customer Experience and Loyalty

[37:13 - 44:30] How to Leverage Data for Better Recommendations

[44:30 - 51:36] Leveraging Reviews to Create a Chat GPT-Fueled Cannabis Recommendation Engine

[51:36 - 01:03:33] Terpli’s Tech-Driven Solutions for Live Inventory, Brand Differentiation, and Sponsorship Opportunities

Eric Mercado is the Co-Founder of Terpli and a catalyst for growth, innovation, and problem-solving. His passion lies in constant improvement for teams, clients, colleagues, and himself. A high-performing founder, business advisor, Big 4 assurance manager, and CPA, he has a demonstrated history of exemplary work ethic, quality, and teaming. As an SMU alumnus with an MS in Accounting, he exhibits an entrepreneurial spirit as well as a keen eye for risk assessment and process improvement. He has experience in everything from Startup to IPO - including FP&A, systems setup and management, Sales, Talent Acquisition and HR, Business Development, M&A and transactions due diligence, financial statement audits, and PCAOB inspection.

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