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To Be Blunt
153 Is All Cannabis Press Good Press with Kim Prince of Proven Media

153 Is All Cannabis Press Good Press with Kim Prince of Proven Media

"You better get ready to play your A-game, and you'd better get tough and get a strong backbone and figure out who you can align with that can help you succeed because you can not succeed alone in this business." - Kim Prince

Want to know how to get your Cannabis brand in the spotlight?

In today's episode, Shayda Torabi shares valuable insights on how to navigate the world of publicity and media in the cannabis space, discussing recent news such as the relaxation of regulations for hemp and CBD, Twitter's cannabis-friendly advertising policy, and the Cannabis Media Council's Full Spectrum Report.

Also, her guest, Kim Prince, who is the founder of Proven Media, a marketing and communications firm based in Carefree, Arizona, shares insights on navigating publicity and media in the cannabis space, discussing topics like responsible advertising, media partnerships, and working with influencers. They also discuss celebrity-endorsed cannabis brands and success stories. Listeners gain valuable tips on PR strategies for the evolving cannabis industry, emphasizing authenticity and building relationships with reporters.

Tune in now and get ready for an informative discussion on media PR strategies specifically tailored for those in the cannabis space!

[00:00 - 07:37] How to Succeed in the Cannabis Industry with a Strong Backbone and Allies

[07:37 - 14:59] Celebrity-Endorsed Cannabis Brands Making Waves in California Market

[14:59 - 22:25] From Corporate Career to Cannabis Industry

[22:26 - 30:16] Building Relationships and Trust

[30:17 - 37:25] How Influencers Can Help Tell the Story

[37:25 - 45:12] Exploring the Benefits of Influencer Marketing and the PESO Model for Paid and Earned Media

[45:13 - 53:05] Exploring the Pros and Cons of Media Exposure

[53:05 - 01:00:30] Creating a Successful Media PR Plan

[01:00:30 - 01:06:34] Creating Authentic Relationships and Bringing Creative Solutions to the Cannabis Industry

Kim Prince is the CEO and founder of Proven Media, a well-established, reputable, results-oriented agency serving B2B and B2C cannabis companies throughout North America. She brings more than 20 years of B2B and B2C corporate marketing campaigns to the table and has a proficient background in corporate messaging strategies, public relations, and strategic planning for corporations, brands, and C-level executives. Her passion is to help strong, complex businesses and their visionaries reach their goals.

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To Be Blunt
To Be Blunt
An honest conversation about taking cannabis packaged goods to market with Shayda Torabi, business owner (@restartcbd), advocate (@texashempcoalition), and thought leader (@theshaydatorabi).