To Be Blunt
To Be Blunt
145 Cultivating the Future: Innovations in Cannabis Tissue Culture with Kristian Andreassen from Conception Nurseries

145 Cultivating the Future: Innovations in Cannabis Tissue Culture with Kristian Andreassen from Conception Nurseries

"What they would do is they would come to a tissue culture lab, like conception, and then we create a clone through a different process than traditional cloning. It's done in a lab, It's done with hormones, mixtures. It's a sterile environment. And through this process, you can actually turn back the clock. It's like you're growing from a seed every time, but you're getting a true DNA replication of that plant every single time." - Kristian Andreassen

This episode of the To Be Blunt Podcast features an exclusive conversation with Kristian Andreassen, a cannabis business owner and brand marketer with over a decade of experience in breeding, commercial cultivation, and brand development of cannabis products. Kristian has recently joined Conception Nurseries as Senior Product Director to support the initiative of building a diverse group of cannabis breeders to meet the expanding market needs.

Tune in to hear Kristian's journey in the industry, from tissue culture cultivation to working with brands to protect their genetics and applying traditional agricultural practices to cannabis.

[00:00 - 08:12] Introducing Kristian Andreassen: Pioneering Cannabis Tissue Culture and Cultivation for 15 Years

[08:13 - 16:50] Exploring the Journey of Cannabis Cultivation and the California Market

[16:50 - 25:38] Unravelling the Complexities of Cannabis Breeding, Genetics, Seeds and Tissue Culture

[25:38 - 34:04] Benefits of Restart CBD's Cannabis Tinctures, Topicals, Edibles & Hemp Derived Delta Nine THC Products

[34:05 - 42:18] Benefits of Tissue Culture Cloning for Commercial Cannabis Cultivators

[42:18 - 53:08] Conception Nurseries Paving the Way for Tissue Culture Adoption in Cannabis Markets

Andreassen’s decade-plus expertise spans breeding, commercial cultivation, and brand development, garnering numerous Emerald Cup and High Times awards for flowers, pre-rolls, concentrates, and genetics. He is a respected fixture of the cannabis industry thanks to a long track record of working with breeders through the medium of tissue culture. He is widely acknowledged to be a pioneer of cannabis tissue culture, introducing stable, high demand genetics to the commercial cannabis marketplace.

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RESTART CBD is an education first CBD wellness brand shipping nationwide.

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To Be Blunt
To Be Blunt
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